These are typically used in conjunction with the 12” to 24’ boulders to build medium and large retaining walls.

Historically used in the construction of retaining walls, stacked stone is an attractive, timeless landscaping material for the creation of a beautiful and functional outdoor living and entertainment area. carries a vast selection of natural stone boulders that can be used for lawn accents as well as natural boulder wall.

Decorative Boulders.

Try this simple trick: a ton of boulders 6" - 12" in size, laid down side by side, will cover an area of 30 square feet.

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Pennsylvania Boulders – Small.

. . Sizes of 18″-30″ depth x 24” – 72” long x 12” – 24” tall.

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Color tones of grays, browns, tans, subtle reds, and earthy greens from the moss and lichen, give these boulders lots of character.

Boulders are used for rock gardens, large rock walls, retaining walls, sculptural placement rocks, water gardens, and more.

Create garden walls or pathways with our boulders and flagstone and see your yard transform. Pennsylvania High Rise Boulders.

Apr 5, 2023 · A gabion retaining wall costs $10 to $40 per square foot installed, depending on the stone type, wall depth, machine accessibility, land slope, and footings. We can supply any number of these stones from single items through to baskets of boulders.

They are stackable and can be used in combination with our wallstone for retaining soil.

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Decorative Boulders. 2 -3 ft. Blocky, linear weathered boulders with flat top and bottom that are ideal for stacking large boulder retaining walls.

. 631-438-8340. . They commonly come as self-aligning and trapezoidal in shape which makes it easier to form concaves, convexes, or straight walls. Approximate coverage. Installers typically fill these wire boxes with rip rap, river rocks, or crushed concrete.

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Cresta Natural Stone Boulders, Extra-Large Landscape Rock (150 - 200 lbs.

Most can be purchased by the individual piece or by the pallet.

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Cobbles Smooth boulders available.